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  1. Feb 2021
    1. The home-cage behavior of these control monkeys slowly became similar to that of the animals raised with the mother surrogates from birth. Their manipulation and play on the cloth mother became progressively more vigorous to the point of actual mutilation, particularly during the morning after the cloth mother had been given her daily change of terry covering. The control subjects were now actively running to the cloth mother when frightened and had to be coaxed from her to be taken from the cage for formal testing.

      While noting there is an attachment with a surrogate mother there is a poor attachment. During the experiment there was still a sense of need but not necessarily the same as those who experienced a connection shortly after birth. The connection occurred only after 12-48 hours of exposure. Once attachment was formed there were inconsistent behaviors that proved the poor attachment. "Nevertheless, the magnitude of the differences and the fact that the contact-time curves for the mothered-from-birth infants had remained constant for almost 150 days suggest that early experience with the mother is a variable of measurable importance."