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  1. Sep 2019
    1. emerging in the form of fintechs


    2. implementing shared KPI

      Implementing shared KPI´s

    3. global risk mitigation
    4. In the past, treasuries may have looked at bespoke IT solutions that were designed to support the way they operated. But now, they’re realising the benefits of streamlining and simplifying the technology they use. “Before it was fashionable to have tailor-made solutions for your treasury, but now we’re seeing more interest in basic setups and file formats—companies want to use common technical standards,” says Paukku.

      Simplifying The Technology

    5. real-time technology, where payments can happen in a matter of seconds, there are greater risks of cyber fraud to contend with.

      2 Trends:

      Real Time Liqudity Management

      Reduce Risk Of Cyber Fraud