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  1. Jul 2018
    1. Charlotte's Web

      I always enjoyed Charlotte's Web. I always thought it had a good story line and taught us about friendship, courage, and that change is not always a bad thing.

  2. Jun 2018
    1. I am very careful to make sure the books I have come from reputable publishers, I read everything before I put it on the shelf, and I am watching out for your kids,”

      It is important that school libraries have appropriate books for every grade in the school (entertainment and educational).

    2. build great confidence in new readers

      Building confidence in students when it comes to reading is very important. Not only will students learn to read better, they will also enjoy reading.

    3. Prose books and comics are challenged for the same reasons,” Brownstein says. “Content addressing the facts of life about growing up, like sexuality, sexual orientation, race issues, challenging authority, and drug and alcohol use are causes for challenges. [Profanity] is often a factor,” as is violence.

      These are difficult subjects to introduce to children. Age and maturity level play a huge factor in "the right time" to introduce these subjects.

    1. pedagogical

      The method and practice of teaching

    2. youth prepare for a “performance of possibilities”(Madison,2005) as they share their writing publicly; that is, they use classroom forums, micro-phones, and stages as a way to (re)present themselves to the world

      I think it is interesting that Winn uses the term "performance of possibilities". Reading your written work outlaid, especially for struggling readers and writers can possibly feel challenging. However, I think this is a great approach to broadening the students thinking of their own work, as well as the critique and comments of other students works in search of who they are as a writer and their ultimate goals