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  1. Apr 2018
    1. Theskyitself,shecouldnothelpthinking,hadchanged.Itwasnolongersothick,sowatery,soprismaticnowthatKingEdward--see,therehewas,steppingoutofhisneatbroughamtogoandvisitacertainladyopposite--hadsucceededQueenVictoria.Thecloudshadshrunktoathingauze;theskyseemedmadeofmetal,whichinhotweathertarnishedverdigris,coppercolourororangeasmetaldoesinafog.Itwasalittlealarming--thisshrinkage.

      I found this interesting how the weather changed so quickly after King Edward took over the throne from Queen Victoria. As we know from the start of Chapter 5, the Victorian era was dark and gloomy. Now that it is a new chapter, it goes onto another era in time, when King Edward takes the power. With the rise of a new era, it also is a new birth for a brighter future and the country is becoming more and more modernized, but this is not really the case. This is interesting because how rapid the change is able to take place, showing how fast time is passing. The new era is completely different from the one before, contrasting with the Victorian times, as described by the biographer in this section, everything was brighter and the sky is no longer filled with gloomy cloud, but instead metals. The light serves as a guide for the people to move forward when the women were in aprons, showing how gender roles are changing. On the other hand, we associate light with something positive, but during this time,things were also shrink in size, like the amount of fertilized plants and family sizes.