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  1. Feb 2018
    1. Behind all the things on the panel is a pinkish/peach  layer.

      I would avoid using the words "things."

    2. Lettering It spells out the word Mitchell David Mucha M.D., in white with a pinkish/peach boarder. The stitching on the words is very rough. The letters are very huge and take up a majority of the space on the panel.

      I would maybe try to add transition sentences to more smoothly transition between ideas.

    3. idea of the Stethoscope was from René Théophile Hyacinthe Laënnec

      Good job including links and images on the page to give the reader a fuller experience.

    4. This long part of it is the same color as the bag except it has more of  rough touch to it.

      There is a couple grammar errors. Here there should be an "a" before "rough." "...more of a rough touch to it."

    5. About The Panel

      Before describing the panel, I would give the audience some background information on The Quilt, such as the founding or what each panel means.

    6. The orginal Doctor’s Bag was the Gladstone which was made in the mid nineteen century by J.G. Beard. It was used for house visits to patients house. The contents inside of the bag is medical tools like stethoscope, clinical thermometer and tongue depressor some form of illumination, such as a torch, plessor, ophthalmoscope and auriscope; a test tube or two; and bottles of Benedict’s reagent and acetic acid to complete the kit (RACGP).

      Good job giving some background information the Doctor's Bag.

    7. The items that I will be describing from the panel is a doctor bag, stethoscope, the colors, and finally the lettering. I will be describing them in the same order I have mentioned them.

      I would avoid writing in the third person. (Not using "I")

    1. The top center panel, belonging to Eddie (no last name reported), has a mosaic background of 6″x 6″ burgundy, soft dusty rose, light bubblegum pink, and sapphire blue squares. His name is then sewn in large, cursive lettering across the top left half of the panel.

      This description makes me feel as if I'm looking at the panel. Love it

    2. Since the panels would be featured in the Quilt as a visual memorial and not as a blanket, I wondered why the panels that were predominantly paintings were not made of canvas fabric instead of fabrics associated with apparel, or at least primed with some kind of Gesso to preserve the piece. I am by no means an expert, but as an artist who has experimented with different mediums on both primed and un-primed fabrics, I can attest for the value of using the right mediums on their respective materials. Though I am sure acceptable fabric paints were mostly used, I could tell where they were not.

      Great connections between your experience as an artist and what you've observed from the quilt. I enjoy the objectivity rather than simply taking the panel for what it is.

    3. Although tied by a similar tragedy, each panel exhumes individuality through applying different artistic methods.

      The individuality of the panels is nicely described and understood. From the previous description, there is distinct differences yet similarity in the pieces.

    4. Each panel is made of a soft fabric and sewn onto a large, 12’x 12′ piece of ivory linen fabric.

      This first description of the panel gives a brief but detailed imagery. Very good

    5. Block #621

      Great pictures - but could be more multi modal as a whole

    1. the rainbow in the body of the image is shown vibrantly in the majority of picture which by its colorful characteristics

      Was there any writing? Any markings? Differences in stitches? Add more details, even mentioning the lack of detail ( Ex: stating the panel has no visible markings...) to give the reader a fuller image.

    2. Another important visual element that I detected within this image was the blue bracelet circling the shiny arm holding the dog.

      Were there any additional objects (letters, pictures, notes,ETC) that came with the panel? Maybe there will be some clues as to what the dog or bracelet means.

    3. This gives the rainbow an ever greater meaning, maybe Jimmy had an aspiration for music and pursued a career in one, or possibly just has a respect for the fine musical arts.

      From reading this I can tell you are really starting to question and investigate this panel as well as, Jimmy Popejoy.

    4. hings within the panel that I took notice of immediately was the dog that was held by the shiny arm.

      I like that you started with the most attention grabbing thing to you. However, I think you should first introduce The AIDS Quilt. That way the reader will understand what it is.

    5. The panel base is mostly a pure, bloody, vibrant red color. This is also in the material of somewhat a shiny, soft, velvet material that vividly gives the panel some extravagant flare.

      Love the word choice, the description brings a vivid image to mind and flows smoothly.