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  1. Oct 2018
    1. Angela suffers from bouts of depression related to childhood memories of abuse.

      Angela fue afectada por abusos en su niñez y ese cuadro lo reproduce en su hijo como si tuviera alguna predisposición inconsciente.<br>

    1. Silvia’s father went to prison when she was a baby, and served 10 years for selling drugs. Without his support, her mother struggled to provide financially for her and her brother. Her mother also suffered from a mental disorder for which she received SSI. While Silvia was growing up, the family relied on public assistance and ate mostly cheap food such as canned ravioli and Ramen noodles. Silvia remembers being hungry often and recalls that her mother often ignored Silvia and her brother.

      Pienso que esto es Pathway effect en cuanto a que Silvia de alguna manera reprodujo lo que vio en su hogar porque ya tenia un escenario predispuesto. El health behavior que quiero destacar es el comportamiento en cuanto a la dieta ya que eran pobres y comía comida enlatada no saludable y no tenían seguridad alimentaria.

    2. adversity and traumatic events that occur in childhood have a decisive impact on behaviors, choices, and social relationships that extend into adulthood. In such contexts, adults may seek out violent relationships, may constantly be in a state of heightened aggressive arousal, may withdraw and experience social isolation, or may struggle to keep boundaries associated with normal social and professional behavior related to intimacy, safety and security, and job stability.

      Como indica el efecto de vía o camino, aquí se demuestra como las experiencias traumáticas a temprana edad pueden predestinarte a tener un futuro fracasado, es decir, dan forma a la experiencias subsecuentes.