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  1. Jan 2017
    1. performed

      Though a fairly basic analysis of rhetoric, I love the use of the word "performed" here; it suggests an activeness about rhetoric.

      "Perform" originates from an old French (fornir) meaning "to provide." While the purpose of rhetoric may be allusive, I think this root suggests that rhetoric (as a performance) ought to provide something notable for the audience. This suggests there ought to be some degree of substance to rhetoric; rhetoric must be justified. Rickert's implication that plaques and beads serve a purpose beyond abstract fashion is an example of rhetoric as a self-justifying act.

    1. We don't necessarily do an injustice to the diffuse history and conceptual promiscuity of the term by giving a single answer.

      While offering a single answer to this question may appearing limiting, a basic study of rhetoric will tell you that the single answer is necessary as that is the rhetorical form that is demanded.