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  1. Feb 2016
    1. 4 percent moldy or insect infested

      if we eat cocoa beans does it mean we're eating insects?

    2. Nasty TF Its all about farmers market for now on

    3. Meat of all sorts—ground beef, chicken nuggets, taco filling, etc.—must include at least 35 percent actual meat. The other 65 percent doesn’t have to be meat, and can be made up of any mixture of edible fillers and chemicals, including cornstarch, water, soy, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide, food colorings and artificial flavoring

      Beef in a McDonald's burger? Kind of, but it's mostly random filler material that probably isn't very appetizing on its own.

    4. you’re only ingesting a little more than 1 rodent hair and 1.6 insects per serving

      When I learned about the pioneers in elementary school, everyone was startled to find out that people ate bugs in all their food. Little did we know, we pretty much still do.

    5. FDA says it’s OK to have two or more “whole insects,”

      I mean really? eww

    6. it’s OK to include 400 or more insect fragments (legs, heads, wings, thoraxes, etc.), and 22 or more rodent hairs

      Why is this allowed?

    7. paste-like and batter-like poultry product”

      Reminds me of hot dogs

    8. . Meat of all sorts—ground beef, chicken nuggets, taco filling, etc.—must include at least 35 percent actual meat.

      really just 35%?

    9. The turkey meat

      I hear that the process of making turkey bacon involves much more chemicals in order to turn it into "bacon" than actual bacon.

    10. 20 maggots “of any size” and 75 mites

      When I open a can of mushrooms, I never have seen any defects in them. What is the probability that a can has at least 1 defect?

    11. I think its interesting how its specifically 20 maggots or 75 mites

    12. The FDA says it’s OK if 15 percent of a can of cranberry sauce is moldy.

      That is a lot of mold for a small can of cranberry sauce

    13. berries

      I bake and sometimes I bake berry pies. Guess I'm not making berry pies anymore.

    14. insects, insect parts, rodent hairs, larvae, rodent poop, mammal poop, bone material, mold, rust, and cigarette butts.

      As my little brother would say,"EWWW!" But seriously, how would that get through any FDA meetings? "Oh yeah, sure! I'm sure leaving in mold and cigarette butts would be just fine." It makes you wonder how much of the stuff you've already consumed.

    15. Up to 60 percent of frozen berries can be moldy, with an average of 4 or more larvae, or 10 or more whole insects, per 500 grams.

      Pretty scary statistic since most people who bake pies use frozen fruit.

    16. The term “defects,” we learned, is code for the inclusion of “foreign matter” in canned and packaged foods

      It's not called a defect, it's called contamination.