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  1. Sep 2020
      • . list means it is a sequence of values.
      • .In a list we can store any type of values not like strings.
      • A list can be created easily by storing the values in square brackets.
      • We can do different types of operations in list like we can do concatenation.
      • List indices work the same way as string indices: 1-any integer expression can be used as an index. 2-if you try to read or write a element that does nt exist,you get an index error.
      • List slices ,list are mutable
      • in list to delete any type of variables we can use del,pop,remove.
      • The association of a variable with an object is called a reference.
      • MAP-a processing pattern that traverse a sequence and performs an operation on each element.
      • With lists we can perform different types of operations.