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  1. Feb 2021
    1. he’d advised Cuomo Prime Time, Chris Cuomo’s CNN show

      CuomoPrimeTime is now saying they've never been in contact with me about their reporting so I have to protect myself with the truth. I still have great respect for Chris and hope CJR will alter its false report.


    2. he claimed that he’d been offered a job by Politico as a researcher

      POLITICO—told me his bosses wanted my research secretly, without my name on the articles even as a researcher.

      I declined


      I told CJR asked me to be an unpaid, uncredited researcher providing info exclusively to them (I declined). CJR falsely reported I said I was "hired" as a "job."


    3. On his podcast, and in his first Proof book, he makes arguments based on the Steele dossier. (Remember the Steele dossier? You know, the pee tape thing.) The reliability of the Steele dossier is, to put it mildly, in question; a report by Michael Horowitz, the inspector general, found that the dossier was dubious, unvetted, and shady as hell.

      Over and over and over I wrote that 30% of it isn't accurate. I have never said otherwise.


    4. Abramson doubled down, responding to complaints by insisting that his survey of applicants was scientific and trustworthy

      For some reason @CJR claims I called the P&W rankings "scientific." The opposite is true: across six years of doing them—and 75 pages of methodology articles—the rankings were consistently called "probative but non-scientific." Why lie about that?



    5. The first two were best sellers.
    6. Abramson claims that, in the months before, he had been corresponding with Luke Turner, the author of The Metamodernist Manifesto and a creative partner of LaBeouf’s; because of that, Abramson believes that he was an influence on LaBeouf

      Luke Turner admitting I brought Shia LaBeouf to the attention of Luke Turner