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  1. Aug 2016
    1. more than 1,500 educators and leaders of public, private and charter schools

      Do you even need teachers in this system? Perhaps we will call them concierges and pay them like Trump would pay his hotel and casino workers. You would certainly need more of them under any kind of coaching, mentoring regime.

    2. used

      This is the difference between these two products. The agency is direct with Google. I use Google Classroom. Here it is flipped. Facebook uses you and your inputs to filter out--what? Is there any proof that what FB filters is connected well with the incredibly complexity of learner curiosity and passion. I can only say that Zuckerberg and his minions must have poured over Skinner's pigeon experiments because now he is giving us all the bird.

    3. The idea is to encourage students to develop skills, like resourcefulness and time management, that might help them succeed in college.

      I am assuming that there is strong data that establishes a strong correlation between this LMS and resourcefulness-timemanagement-college success? How many acts of faith can dance on the head of a pin?

    4. student-directed learning system

      How can they say student-directed. It's a Facebook algorithm.

    5. Facebook is out to upend the traditional student-teacher relationship.

      Which student-teacher relationship? It is not monolithic. The power relationship? The sharing relationship? Or the whole relationship? When they are done will there be teachers anymore? If it can be done by a robot algorithm then is should be done by a robot algorithm?