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  1. Sep 2021
    1. Use this to load modules whose location is specified in the paths section of tsconfig.json when using webpack. This package provides the functionality of the tsconfig-paths package but as a webpack plug-in. Using this plugin means that you should no longer need to add alias entries in your webpack.config.js which correspond to the paths entries in your tsconfig.json. This plugin creates those alias entries for you, so you don't have to!
    1. The declarations you make in the tsconfig.json are re-stated in the webpack.config.js. Who wants to maintain two sets of code where one would do? Not me.
    2. Let's not get over-excited. Actually, we're only part-way there; you can compile this code with the TypeScript compiler.... But is that enough?I bundle my TypeScript with ts-loader and webpack. If I try and use my new exciting import statement above with my build system then disappointment is in my future. webpack will be all like "import whuuuuuuuut?"You see, webpack doesn't know what we told the TypeScript compiler in the tsconfig.json.
  2. Nov 2020
    1. The typescript compiler will not look at the actual typescript files from lib. Instead it will only use the typescript declaration files (*.d.ts) generated when building the lib project. That's why your lib/tsconfig.json file must contain: "declaration": true,
  3. Sep 2019
    1. --p or ``--projectand notconfig`. it takes the path the the folder containing tsconfig.json, and starting with 1.8, it will allow a full path to the file