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  1. Oct 2018
    1. you know so fully in your memory all the individual deeds of the Trojans done through battle

      Great respect for Jewish historical knowledge and writing. Thinking of Josephus here?

  2. Sep 2018
    1. most wretched of sorrows to the Jews, men accursed, most despised of fates, for they could not turn it away for the world


    2. Judas lofted up a word, revealing his courage, and he spoke in Hebrew:

      Judas's prayer in Hebrew. Invokes Scripture: creation, fall of angels

    3. he was named Judas by his kinsmen— him they gave unto the queen,

      Quick to turn over Judas!

    4. than

      imagery: stiff, stony

    5. Stephen

      Stephen is Judas's brother Family set apart from other Jews How OLD is Judas??

    6. How

      Explanation of majority choice; Sachius demurred

    7. Judas

      Judas already knows what they've done wrong—and remains obstinate because admitting will mark the end of Jewish power

    8. We do not readily know so far why you are severely wrathful with us, lady. We know not what sin that we have performed in this folk-share, nor any great evil we have made against you.”

      Read sympathetically?

    9. you had opposed the Righteous One, rejecting the Radiant Shaper of us all, the Lord of Lords, and persisting in error
    10. wisdom

      Condemns Jews generally here & following