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  1. Jan 2017
    1. I started using Google Maps because of the ease of dragging the map. But Google Maps didn't require me to sign-up or join as a member.

      Google Maps certainly wasn't the first GPS Map app (mobile or web app) there were multiple GPS apps before it and that came after it. However the other strides that Google made, mostly in their accuracy and in their satellite imagery, they eventually became the de facto standard, with hundreds and hundreds of apps using their API. It makes you wonder if there is even a point in creating an equal competitor to Google Maps. There are other apps, like Waze, that provided different functionality to the GPS function (road blocks, police traps, etc.) and ironically enough they got acquired by Google. Mapquest (which has the second highest marketshare) I would say is an old relic, and Apple Maps in functionality doesn't do anything different. It makes me wonder if some companies have designed their products for the "Long Wow" so well that they've effectively created enough barriers of entry so that they have a de facto monopolization of the market