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  1. May 2020
    1. By bundling AddThis with other Experience enhancement cookies, it makes it impossible to opt in to other Experience enhancement cookies without also opting in to these (what could also be categorized as) Targeting/Advertising cookies (id 5).
    1. Sure, anti-spam measures such as a CAPTCHA would certainly fall under "legitimate interests". But would targeting cookies? The gotcha with reCAPTCHA is that this legitimate-interest, quite-necessary-in-today's-world feature is inextricably bundled with unwanted and unrelated Google targeting (cookiepedia.co.uk/cookies/NID) cookies (_ga, _gid for v2; NID for v3).
    1. In cases where you want to send more than one type of email to your users, you’re required to get additional consent specific to those uses as you must have multiple consents for multiple purposes.
    2. In the case of DEM communications, you must obtain additional consent if also sending emails about third-party products/services in addition to your own.
  2. Apr 2020
    1. the French CNIL has reminded that consent has to be given at the time of data collection, has to be specific, and cannot be passed to another controller through a contractual relationship; it could not be bundled.