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  1. May 2024
    1. Using a combination of small-group and whole-classdiscussion boards as work and reflection spaces is aneffective means of avoiding the ineffective line up andanswer model of asynchronous discussion and is an effectivemeans of employing active learning pedagogy

      small group whole class discussion boards - workshpaces

    2. As in traditional classroom presentations, there can alsobe requirements for other students to view, respond, andask questions of the presenter. A typical setup mightinclude a requirement that the presenting student postthe presentation on the weekend, that the class view thepresentation during the first half of the week, and post acomment or question by Wednesday. The presenter studentwould then need to return later in the week to respond tocomments and questions.

      Way to make presentations easier and allow for interactive discussions in class.

    3. This kind of post can also be usedfor students to introduce themselves to each other at thebeginning of the term. Having students review and analyzetheir own video recordings is an effective means of fosteringreflection.

      video presentations - allow for self-critique

    4. as VoiceThread(https://voicethread.com/), FlipGrid (http://info.flipgrid.com/)and YouSeeU (http://www.youseeu.com/).

      presentation tools Voice Thread FlipGrid (flip) YouSeeU

    5. several examples of discussion board activitiesthat successfully adopt an active learning pedagogy.

      possible discussion board scenarios for active learning --Presentation space --Gallery and reflection space --Work space