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  1. Mar 2017
    1. Various meanings and definitions of voice had been advanced in the literature. Dundon et al. (2004: 1153) noted that the ‘precise meaning of the term “employee voice” ’ was open to question, though there were some commonalities. Voice mechanisms were generally seen as a way to provide employees with the ability to articulate concerns and to influence the actions of management. Employee voice had commonly been defined as a two-way process of communication, which is characterised by an exchange of information (Marchington et al., 2001; see also Wilkinson et al., 2004). Employee voice could therefore be seen in terms of three dimensions: the provision of information by management to employees, the willingness of management to listen to employees and management's preparedness to discuss work-related problems and issues (see Van Dyne et al., 2003; Marchington, 2006; Bryson and Freeman, 2007; Cannell, 2008).