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  1. Apr 2016
    1. like a dial-hand, Steal from his figure and no pace perceived;

      I see what the author did there because he was comparing her beauty going away to a hand on a clock because the hand of a clock slowly creeps away from time and that how the womens beauty was to people

    2. Hath motion and mine eye may be deceived:

      This part of the poem confused me because he went from speaking so highly of this women to saying her beauty is going away and his eyes are deceived.

    3. Ah! yet doth beauty, like a dial-hand, Steal from his figure and no pace perceived;

      This is the Volta in my poem because the poet was highly talking about how beautiful the women was and how great she is, but when he says "Ah!..." and continues with that quote he says how her beauty began to disappear.

    4. In process of the seasons have I seen

      The stressed syllables in this line are pro-, of, sea-, have, seen. The unstressed syllables are In, -cess, the, -sons, I. The rhyme connected her is every other syllable and this helps show the main idea and importance of the poem.

    5. Since first I saw you fresh, which yet are green

      The stressed syllables in this line are first, saw, fresh, yet, green. The unstressed syllables are Since, I, you, which, are. The stressed and unstressed creates a rhyme to emphasize and help enhance the importance of the poem. When the poet does this it gives the pom more importance.

    6. Hath

      The meaning of hath in the context is saying how her beauty is actually changing and he just isn't able to see it.

    7. dial-hand

      the meaning of dIal-hand in the poem is a hand of a clock. The hand of the clock compares beauty and how a clock creeps away from the person she is attached to

    8. doth

      The word doth in this context of the poem is comparing the women's beauty to a hand of a clock.