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  1. Nov 2019
    1. The only place he could think of was the Trianon in mid-town

      Mapping Assignment Location - Emi and Ichiro go dancing

    2. Thinking that he heard a knocking on the front door, he remained still and listened. It came again, faintly, hesitantly. He went through the store, wondering who it could be.

      Emi coming to Ichiro's store to talk about his mother's passing - Mapping Assignment location

    3. He squirmed uneasily and wondered if Taro would acknowledge the telegram which he had sent the day before after finally having hunted down the information that he was taking basic training in a California camp

      Mapping Assignment Location - Taro's location during Ma's funeral

    4. HE FUNERAL WAS HELD SEVERAL DAYS LATER AT THE BUDDHIST church up on the hill next to a playground.

      Mapping Assignment Location - Ma's funeral

    5. They did not speak again until the car was beside the grocery store.

      Mapping assignment

    6. I went to Portland with him.”

      Mapping Assignment Location

    7. ‘Put my ashes in an orange crate and dump them in the Sound off Connecticut Street Dock where the sewer runs out,’

      Mapping Assignment Location

    8. It scared him to think that he might be sobering up.

      What scared him more, sobering up or facing reality?

    1. We can take any data set and put it into a pie chart, a continuous graph, a scatter plot, a tree map and so on.

      I have always questioned this because I feel that some information or data can not be put into any sort of visual representation.

    1. The use of a legend and symbols helps, but cartographers, artists, and designers have also introduced spatial distortions and warps that are unusual and imaginative.

      I never thought that mapping would be so complex!

    2. how we might expand the conventions of map-making to include the kinds of experiential aspects of human culture that are absent from many conventions.

      I am interested to see where the mapping industry goes, as everything is becoming digitalized, will paper maps still be used? What demographic still buys them now and who will buy them in the future?

    3. very projection is a distortion, but the nature of the distortions varies depending on the ways the images are constructed and the purpose they are meant to serve

      I find this to be so interesting. Every map of the globe that I look at I assumed was the same, but this is making me rethink that logic.