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  1. Sep 2020
    1. export let client; setContext("client", client);

      Wouldn't this set context to undefined initially? And reassigning a new value to client wouldn't update the value stored in the context, would it? It would only update the let client variable.

      Where does this let client actually get set to the client from async function preload? I guess I need to understand Sapper more to know how this works, but it doesn't seem like it could.

      Update: I think I found the answer (it runs before):


      It lives in a context="module" script — see the tutorial — because it's not part of the component instance itself; instead, it runs before the component is created, allowing you to avoid flashes while data is fetched.

  2. Jul 2020
    1. The User has the right to object to such processing and may exercise that right by visiting the privacy policies of the respective vendors.

      It's not like going to a privacy policy really helps you exercise your right to object? How? By providing an address to which to send your objections?

  3. Jan 2020