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  1. Oct 2020
    1. I am very intrigued by the arguments that are mentioned by Angeline Grimke'. These are perspectives that I have not considered other than the morality aspect situation. I do like the way that she compares America, where we enslave men, women, and children but even in Africa they would be free. Not only free but have many more inalienable rights in such a poor, egregious country, in my opinion of the times anyway. But here in the land of the free they can't control one single facet of their life. And how exactly does a person being born in America, that is as American as George Washington, lose his rights because one man says so and believes that he is subservient in nature. I would not have done well back then. The ignorance that they posses is devastatingly incredible. That total lack of consideration for other people and human life is utterly despicable. To think that the men could not even get it figured out. It was such a long lasting debate that women had to get involved and try to speak some sort of since to these so called men. I know it is a different time but I am unable to fathom treating someone so horribly. I am glad it is a different time!