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  1. Apr 2021
    1. The game is lame and the main gimmick of writing stuff is being shat on with the horrendous gameplay. If you have a very unique formula, don't try to change it.
    1. This is a new version of the game and it's actually worse than the one I used to play as a child. Puzzles have been removed, pathfinding is buggier than I remember it to be and you can't aqcuire a specific item at the beginning of the game. It's definitely not worth buying, even for nostalgia's sake.
    1. I was almost immediately deflated. This is a cut-down reskin of a 3 year old game from the same company.
    1. I would love to ask devs what the ****. It used to be a not bad puzzler with crappy movement, but it had to be at least a bit interesting if my Steam counter shows 5 hours. Now it is a crap.There is nothing left from the previous version - except the fact that the main character is a robot. Earlier the game looked like a bad retro, and now it looks like sweet flood. The robot moves extremely slowly now and, what's worse, it seems that it has the same levels as a game that used to be called "Abrix for kids".Achievements were reset and the new ones are broken, so it is enough to make a step to achieve 1000 steps, move a block one to get a 1000 moved blocks achievement and same with destroying blocks. I think it is even better this way. No one has to play it more than few minutes.It is sad what happened with Abrix. Avoid it.
  2. Mar 2021
    1. sprockets 4 makes Chrome browser identification of SCSS css lines _worse_
    2. If I can't do something to change the sprockets 4 debugging experience I am seeing, I am going to probably downgrade back to sprockets 3. I am finding it impossible to develop CSS the ways I am used to.
  3. Sep 2020