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  1. Oct 2016
    1. etry is often neglected in classroom literacy experiences (Denman, 1988). We have discovered, however, that it is a genre that is not only accessible to primary children, but can be the genre that excites children and motivates them to read and write. A

      I highly agree with this statement. When I was in elementary school, particularly 3rd grade I remember briefly learning about poetry and creating poems. When I look back I remember being excited to learn, it was a creative outlet that had no rules, only suggestions. My teacher told us to rhyme words and come up with any topic we wanted to write about. for those artistically inclined such as myself, I saw this as an opportunity to express myself similarly to a price of artwork but through the way I arrange text. If more children were exposed to this creative form of writing, they could develop an interest in their writing at an early age.