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  1. Sep 2015
    1. “If you have this power, then blow me out into the air; my gods have more power than you have. My gods have put a heart into me to enter your home.

      regaining faith in his own culture/religion...realizing that the Spanish are not all-powerful

    2. “I have come to kill you.”

      straightforward, to the point

    3. So that was how they got all the evidence against the priest.

      I see why the Natives wanted to kill all the priests now...

    4. wanted all the young girls to be brought to him when they were about thirteen or fourteen years old. They had to live with the priest. He told the people they would become better women if they lived with him for about three years.

      EW COME ON

    5. Then, the priest, thinking the man was away, would come to visit his wife,

      shady priest...doesn't seem very holy

    6. He was not doing the people any good and he was always figuring what he could do to harm them.

      to the Natives, priest = bad to the Spanish, they were "saving" the Natives

    7. Now during this time the men would go out pretending they were going on a hunting trip and they would go to some hiding place, to make their prayer offerings.

      they were so scared of the Spanish that they had to sneak away to practice their own religion

    8. all the people in the village had to come there to worship, and those that did not come were punished severely

      forced conversion to religion that they don't even understand

    9. If any man gave out on the way he was simply left to die.


    10. He did not like the Kachinas and he destroyed the altars and the customs. He called it idol worship and burned up all the ceremonial things in the plaza.

      he destroyed pieces of their religion

    11. which means a grouchy person that will not do anything himself, like a child


    12. told the people that they had much more power than all their chiefs and a whole lot more power than the witches. The people were very much afraid of them, particularly if they had much more power than the witches. They were so scared that they could do nothing but allow themselves to be made slaves.

      the Natives think the Spanish are mythical beings b/c they used fear tactics to scare the Natives into thinking that they were all-powerful

    13. The people of Shung-opovi were at first afraid of the priests but later they decided he was really the Bahana, the savior, and let him build a mission at Shung-opovi.

      They misunderstood who/what the priest was...which I'm guessing led to their unwanted conversion to Catholicism?

    14. every place was pretty well settled down when the Spanish came.

      the Natives already had established communities when the Spanish came to take over

    1. I trusted in divine providence, for I left without a crust of bread or a grain of wheat or maize, and with no other provision

      that's putting a lot of trust in the divine...

    2. seeing that they were being set afire and that they would be burned to death,

      they're burning the Natives to death?

    3. they also were put to flight with little resistance.

      Natives aren't used to them fighting back

    4. some Indians who were in our service with their bows and arrows,

      why didn't these Natives join the revolt?

    5. I determined to take the resolution of going out in the morning to fight with the enemy until dying or conquering.

      that's pretty brave...or stupid...or both

    6. Instantly all the said Indian rebels began a chant of victory and raised war whoops, burning all the houses of the villa, and they kept us in this position the entire night,

      the Natives have surrounded and trapped the remaining Spanish

    7. suffered greatly from thirst because of the scarcity of water.

      smart move by the Natives by cutting off the water supply

    8. but the height of the places in which they were, so favorable to them and on the contrary so unfavorable to us

      Natives taking advantage of the land they know

    9. There they took up their position, and this day passed without our having any further engagements or skirmishes than had already occurred,

      is this just basically a stand-off?

    10. there appeared on the road from Tesuque a band of the people whom they were awaiting,

      just when the Spanish think they have a handle on it, reinforcements arrive

    11. Whereupon he went back, and his people received him with peals of bells and trumpets, giving loud shouts in sign of war.

      no deal!

    12. He came back from thee after a short time, saying that his people asked that all classes of Indians who were in our power be given up to them,

      negotiating demands

    13. he and the rest of his followers were Catholic Christians,

      I doubt that they are Catholic by choice, so they probably do not care about the religion

    14. Thus if we wished to choose the white it must be upon our agreeing to leave the country, and if we chose the red, we must perish

      leave or die!

    15. I asked him how it was that he had gone crazy too-being an Indian who spoke our language, was so intelligent, and had lived all his life in the villa among the Spaniards, where I had placed such confidence in him-and was now coming as a leader of the Indian rebels.

      "I've been so good to you, why are you doing this to me?!?"

    16. I sent some soldiers to summon him and tell him on my behalf that he could come to see me in entire safety, so that I might ascertain from him the purpose for which they were coming.

      why would they ever tell you their reasons when they are getting ready to attack? they clearly don't want to talk it out.

    17. we might endeavor to defend ourselves against the enemy’s invasions.

      yeah...good luck...

    18. such untimely deaths

      ...would there have been a better time for the Natives to attack so that these deaths could've been more "timely"?

    19. and that they [the governors] came to tell me of it and of how they were unwilling to participate in such wickedness and treason, saying that they now regarded the Spaniards as their brothers

      these "governors" were Native Americans?

    20. The first messenger was killed and the others did not pass beyond Santo Domingo, because of their having encountered on the road the certain notice of the deaths of the religious who were in that convent, and of the alcalde mayor, some other guards, and six more Spaniards whom they captured on that road.

      damn...the Spanish are out of their league

    21. To this was added a certain degree of negligence by reason of the report of the uprising not having been given entire credence, as is apparent from the ease with which they captured and killed both those who were escorting some of the religious, as well as some citizens in their houses

      the threat of revolt wasn't taken seriously by the Spanish, so they were caught off-guard

    22. part of the heathen enemy,

      another Native tribe?

    23. the Christian Indians

      were they unwillingly converted? seems like a good reason to revolt...

    24. only Heaven can reward your reverence, though I do not doubt that his Majesty (may God keep him) will do so.

      only heaven can give you a true reward, but the King will probably also give you a material reward, so don't worry!