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  1. Oct 2016
    1. “Why prolong the inevi-table? We are all one stitch from here [the shelf] to there [the yard sale].”

      Note how the brackets are used for editorial clarification; to make the quote make sense.

    2. (sitting on a bench to watch the sunset, riding a gondola, capturing her beauty through art)

      Again, note the use of parentheticals here.

    3. Alongside this sheer pleasure in ma-teriality and movement, Pixar operates with a nostalgia that is both regressive (in its reliance on traditional notions of gender, class, and morality) and liberat-ing (in its embrace of an ironic, detached view of the present).

      Note the use of the parentheticals here to further clarify the author's point.

    4. “making strange,” as Brecht would have it

      Note how Scott uses/introduces another thinker's (in this case Brecht's) terminology.

    5. That is, Pixar’s films encourage adult audiences to both encounter and deny each film’s veiled dark content and its implications for them.

      Note how Scott restates her point here; clarification is always important.