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  1. Sep 2015
    1. have come to think of themselves as communities of naked, shivering, quaking little selves – too vulnerable to take a joke, too damaged to make one
    2. any kind of representation or association that resembles or even merely represents the theme of the original painful experience
    3. a cultural event, a painting, a play, a speech, a casual use of slang, a characterization, a caricature and so on whether or not the “damaging” speech/characterization occurs within a complex aesthetic work
    4. focused on language, slang and naming.
    5. poorly phrased question, another person’s bad word choice
    6. humor is something that feminists in particular, but radical politics in general, are accused of lacking. Recent controversies within queer communities around language, slang, satirical or ironic representation and perceptions of harm or offensive have created much controversy with very little humor recently, leading to demands for bans, censorship and name changes