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  1. Mar 2018
    1. Peccato che non si sia raccontata tutta la storia.

      Wrong. The whole attack by three trans activist assailants on Maria MacLachlan was captured in three separate videos taken from three different angles - including one taken by someone in the group of trans activists. Watch them and read her story here: When vicious entitled thugs attack, I fight back!.

      The three videos are at the top of that blog post, but here they are separately:

      Clear footage of the assault on a woman by transgender activists at Speakers' Corner

      Trans Activists Violently Attack Women at Speakers Corner, London 13092017

      Third video of attack on Maria

      But remember to watch them from the beginning of the attack, not from the end of the attack when MacLachlan was trying to recover her camera from her assailants as those stills show.

      Portraying those carefully selected stills from the end of the attack as if they show 60-year-old MacLachlan was responsible for the attack by three twenty-something assailants simply shows that you have either swallowed the lies put about by some trans activists or that you are incapable of thinking for yourself.

      Which is it?

      By the way, there is a fourth video of the attack: the police have that and it will be shown at the trial in Hendon Magistrates Court in London of one the male attackers on 12 and 13 April 2018. He has been charged with 'assault by beating'.