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  1. Apr 2015
    1. Teaching has been reduced to the written equivalent of TV news sound bites in pan, because so many groups lobby hard for inclusion of their p et ideas Moreover, much of what they wish to be taught i s n ow taught; the problem is that it isn't learned and can't easily be, given the inert and glib quality of the text. Con tent is reducible to sound bites only when curricular lobbyists (and an alarming number of educators) be lieve that learning occurs merely by hearing or seeing the "truth." The problem of student ignorance is thus really about a dult i gnorance as to how thoughtful and long-lasting under standing is achieved

      How is thoughtful and longlasting understanding achieved?

    2. The view that everything of importance can be thoughtfully learned by the 12th grade notice I did not say "taught" is a delusion

      Why is it a delusion?