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  1. Jul 2023
    1. Miracles transcend the body.

      Let us perform a thought experiment: imagine your reactions if you hear that wildfires have destroyed your house. Compare it to another made up news that now your enemy has burned your house. And let's imagine also how we'd react on hearing that our kids were playing, gone too far and burned our house.

      Most likely if it were our kids our first intent would be to help them first and calm them down, neglecting all that happened to the house. While wildfires could have set us on the victim's mode to start complaining on some gods, the government and generally on bad luck. And if it were our enemy, oh boy, we could have gone to a crusade in courts... to say the last.

      There is a phrase in English, that comes from most unlikely area for spiritual seekers, and it goes: "It's nothing personal, just business". What if we could unplug events from personalities and take events as winds, as an unfoldment of our hidden conciseness in dreams. What if we looked at others as merely actors, who are playing sad or vicious roles not because it's what they really are.

      The focus on a body is judgment's first initial step. Remove the pieces off the board, look past all bodies and ask to realize the truth; for it isn't personal, just karma.

      As the ‪‎ego‬ would limit your perception of your brothers to the body, so would the ‪Holy Spirit‬ release your vision and let you see the Great Rays shining from them, so unlimited that they reach to ‪‎God‬. T-15.9.1

      The purpose of the world you see is to obscure your function of forgiveness, and provide you with a justification for forgetting it. W-64.1.2

      ...forgiveness looks past bodies. This is its holiness; this is how it heals. The world of bodies is the world of sin, for only if there were a body is sin possible ... Only the body makes the world seem real. C-4.5