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  1. Mar 2017
    1. In chapter 9 of Visions, Daniel Francis, Janet Miron, and Robert Lanning

      Thank you for sourcing

    2. as it circumvents some of the intrinsic problems that come with relying on heavily mediated records in the form of missionary/settler journals and letters

      Great point

    3. This directly contravenes the common assumption that European goods superseded Aboriginal trade networks

      I like this sentence for its clarity.

    4. Complementary to these historians’ arguments, the primary sources, including Norbert Welsh’s memoir and several photographs, provided evidence of the impact of these societal changes as well as the diverging interests of white settlers and the Métis

      Great sentence: good sourcing, evidence-based claims and links to the previous sentence nicely.

    5. Métis migration, shifting cultural norms, the influence of white women, and the Métis resistance led by Louis Riel

      I like how this gets right to the point.

    6. The analyses of the three historians, Sylvia Van Kirk, Gerhard Ens and Gerald Friesen

      Again, I appreciate this proper citing

    7. The primary and secondary sources contained in Chapter 8 of the Visions text, The Métis and Red River Society: Change, Adaptation, and Resistance -1830’s to 1870s

      Yes, including the source. Great!

    8. Though women were marginalized in the public workforce, they utilized their social position to find ways to earn a living and contribute to society

      What happens to women who do not have a high social position?

    9. She argues that although women were still limited in employment opportunities, they too provided goods and services that were important to society.

      I like writing like this. Clear and to the point.