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  1. Mar 2017
    1. , and

      new sentence

    2. ,


    3. what living conditions were

      were like?

    4. the public opinion reflecting them

      awkward. Did the public opinion reflect the institutions or was it merely the public opinion of the institutions?

    5. were causes for reform

      were they "causes" or they themselves reformed?

    6. By using archaeological evidence of the exchange of certain European goods

      where? for example?

    7. Salisbury

      Is this chapter 1, the fur trade? I can't find the Salisbury article.

    8. which occurred


    9. distinguishing features

      such as? Give some concrete examples. There is actually nothing being said here.

    10. Through an analysis of the viewpoints of three different historians and primary documents based on education and mental institutions and the ways in which reform was sought to improve them, it becomes clear that there are several key concepts that connect these types of reform together through distinguishing features

      This sentence is too long. It annoys me how many times I had to read it to understand what's being said here.

    11. But even such a little amount was necessary to secure the family

      What does this mean?