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  1. Mar 2020
    1. This site consists of a report conducted by the Department of Education Office of Educational Technology in 2017. The report highlights the role of technology in K-12 classrooms, Adult Learning, and Higher Education spaces. I particularly liked the "Adult Learner" aspects because the report explained how adults can use learn using technology through a community partnership such as a public library. Adult community members could participate in free online courses offered by the library (setting). In addition, the report provides how parents can learn how to make informed decisions about websites their children use. The above summary implies that adults can learn through informal and formal settings. Rate: 7/10

    1. This article examines the findings of connecting learning and personalized learning in the Adult Education realm with technology. The advances of technology have allowed adult basic educations to reevaluate instruction and learning. Rate: 9/10

    1. This document examines the Arizona Department of Education Adult Education Services Plan for Adult Basic Education statewide. Furthermore, this document reports the trends in Adult Education in technology, strategies for the classroom environment, and professional learning communities. Rate: 9/10

    1. This report explains how technology is all around us and allows extended learning to occur. The extended learning occurs through the ability to reach new learners, extend learning, differentiate learning, and collaboration among educators by the use of technological tools. In addition, state and federal programs should advocate for technological tools to be incorporated into support programs that help adult learners. Rate: 8/10

    1. This scholarly article looks into adult literacy instruction and how it can incorporated into the adult basic skills education (ABSE). Research shows that technology integration has to be thoughtfully blended into the curriculum. Careful planning should ensure program objectives are met alongside student objectives. Furthermore, the study used the Delphi method approach. Rate: 8/10

    1. A two-part publication series on instructional technologies within adult education

      This article reflects on the lack of adult basic education and its consequences on individuals across the United States. However, this foundation focuses on how educational technology has influences K-12, Post-Secondary, Corporate, and professional learning environments. This study conducted a survey of 1,000 adult education programs and its current use of technology based instructional strategies. Rate: 8/10

  2. Jul 2016
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