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  1. Nov 2017
    1. as by law required

      This phrase seems very redundant and i am very curious as to why it was included. I am thinking that there was some sort of legal reason, but it still takes away from the meaning of the work. Ideally, they should have been meeting because they wanted to make this University and it was their own personal reasons, not because it was required of them. However, because of these words it almost seems that the authors had no desire to be at the Rockfish gap and were forced to be there in a way. Something that is very prized today, specifically in education, is one's passion for their work. If you are passionate for what you are doing, then you can better serve those who you work for. Again, I do not know the reasoning behind including this, but if it were left out then the report would be much stronger. It would represent what these men deem useful and necessary for society, not just something the law requires them to do.