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  1. Feb 2019
    1. Session 5.1: Relation between education and society

      Abstract: https://www.iupac2019.org/session-5

      Would this be a place for IoCT with a focus on Citizen Science? Or would this be a place for Internet in a Box, and the need to provide information to regions that do not have access?

    2. Tools in chemistry education

      Abstract: https://www.iupac2019.org/session-5-2

      I think this could be a place for the IoCT, and the Virtual Lab.


      Is this the place for Internet in a Box?

      Well, I am thinking twice on this one, as I read through the session abstracts,... https://www.iupac2019.org/chemistry-and-society

    4. mp 3.1: Monitoring Chemicals for a Safer Environment(3 sessions

      I think this would be a good place for a talk on IOCT and citizen science, maybe we could bring Stefan in.

      On second look, when I say the session abstracts, this may not be the place, https://www.iupac2019.org/symposium-3-1

    5. Symp. 8.2: Digital Chemistry and the Lab of the Future

      This is an obvious place for an OER talk, but it would not really be outreach, as these would be people who know about it anyways, and it would be more of a "report", which is not our goal.

      This may also be a place for a talk on the Cheminformatics OLCC, especially if we wish to run another this Fall.