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  1. Mar 2021
    1. Most Suspected Brugada Syndrome Variants Had (Partial) Loss of Function

      AssayResult: 28.5

      AssayResultAssertion: Abnormal

      ReplicateCount: 21

      StandardErrorMean: 7.6

      Comment: This variant had partial loss of function of peak current (10-50% of wildtype) and a >10mV loss of function shift in Vhalf activation, therefore it was considered abnormal (in vitro features consistent with Brugada Syndrome Type 1). (Personal communication: A. Glazer)

    2. we selected 73 previously unstudied variants: 63 suspected Brugada syndrome variants and 10 suspected benign variants

      HGVS: NM_198056.2:c.1045G>A p.(Asp349Asn)