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  1. Feb 2021
    1. compare your SoTL keys to ones listed by your Extend NZ peers

      It may be better for the person taking this activity to be instructed on how much time to spend on this activity. For example, "anticipated time required for this activity is 3 hours, this activity should be completed by d/m/year. With this kind of instruction, they will be motivated to complete the task within the stipulated date.

    2. Extend NZ blog

      Could it be possible to hyperlink the Extend NZ blog the same way discussion forum are hyperlinked?

    3. Keys of SoTL padlet

      This process of opening a padlet should be made simpler to accommodate interactivity. Does it also mean that one has to sign up with padlet?

    4. Education is the key to life

      For inclusivity purposes, we may also consider picking some of these education quotes from an African Author eg Nelson Mandela, W. E. B. Dubois etc.

    1. share your thoughts on these videos

      This should be time bound. For example, how many hours is one supposed to take to complete this task? This may help the instructors more or less move at the same pace.

    1. reflection

      I would suggest that this reflection should be in the form of staking a claim giving evidence of the instructors engagement with all the activities.

    2. Extend NZ blog

      Portfolio will do

    1. Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans

      This should be specific to the various African countries that have their own Research Review Boards that guide their ethical conduct in as far as conducting research with humans is concerned.

    1. SoTL Explorer

      These tools are specific to the various universities. Is it possible to find one that is open to all regardless of the region and the university where one comes from?

    1. Which potential benefits particularly resonate with you?

      Where are the instructors suppose to respond to this question?