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  1. Sep 2015
    1. ndeed, help in finding jobs, housing, better deals on goods and ser-vices, and assistance in dealings with government agencies and otherinstitutions is of far greater significance to survival than are the ma-terial types of aid these households provide one another

      Funds of knowledge reminds me of Bourdieu's social and cultural capital. But in his work, working class minority families would be looked at as having "low" social capital, but here we can see that the Sanchez family has a huge network that benefits all members of the family. I guess Bourdieu was looking more at the disadvantages these families might face (such as not the best schools, lack of access to better jobs, etc). But funds of knowledge allows us to look at this concept under another light--one that shows that these social connections do have power and meaning, just a different kind than is discussed in Bourdieu's work.