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  1. Aug 2018
    1. visited us to produce Instinct 's first organic- grade insect snack . For this they use grilling flour without visible insect constituents, as this reduces the inhibition threshold to eat food of this kind at all. After all, Instinct is not a fun lifestyle product that is bought for the horror of, and perhaps only consumed. The bar should rather be a healthy alternative to normal snacks. Why eat insects? Those who eat insects protect the environment. For the cultivation of one kilogram of barbecues one needs only an area of ​​15 square meters, for the same amount of beef already 250 square meters. Also, the CO2 emissions in the crickets is many times smaller: for one kilogram it is only 0.27 kilos, for beef it is 27 kilos, so 100 times as much. In addition, crickets are healthy: Instinct contains all the essential amino acids and plenty of vitamin B12 - and the snacks are crystal sugar, gluten and lactose free

      Instinct 's first organic- grade insect snack