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  1. Nov 2018
  2. Sep 2017
    1. When are classes held?

      No scheduled classes as of Sept. 2017 -- is there a plan to hold additional classes or create online learning content?

    1. Valve opened up licensing of SteamVR Tracking, the world’s best 3D tracking solution and the breakthrough technology behind the HTC Vive. Now anyone can develop devices to operate in VR.

      Is there any online learning content for this?

    1. The protocol a single basestation emits goes as follows: an array of infra-red LEDs pulses for a specific length of time.  Then, a vertical fan of infrared light is scanned horizontally through the space, at a field-of-view of 120 degrees, rate of 60 Hz.  After another pulse, a horizontal fan of the same characteristics scanning vertically then follows.

      SteamVR basestation protocol