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  1. Jan 2016
    1. wrest

      According to Merriam-Webster dictionary online, "wrest" is defined as "to pull (something) away from someone by using violent twisting movements" or "to take (something) from someone with much effort."

    2. What civil liberty does is to turn the competition of man with man from violence and brute force into an industrial competition under which men vie with one another for the acquisition of material goods by industry, energy, skill, frugality, prudence, temperance, and other industrial virtues. Under this changed order of things the inequalities are not done away with. Nature still grants her rewards of having and enjoying, according to our being and doing, but it is now the man of the highest training and not the man of the heaviest fist who gains the highest reward.

      This quote made me realize that if one type of inequality is not present, another will be. During this time period with the shift in industry, inequality and status shifts as well. No longer is superiority defined on who has the best tools or the strongest punch, but on who has the best education and the most money. This is clearly seen when discussing wealth. The top 1% owns and controls 51% of wealth. If money be put in the wrong hands, one can assume that corruption in politics and industry will definitely occur.