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  1. Jun 2017
    1. his expert group sends to companies are 'taken very seriously' by both States and businesses. As such they can be key channels for human rights defenders to leverage the UN experts to contribute to their protection, and help respond to situations where human rights defenders are stigmatised, criminalised, attacked or killed. 
    1. Please, do answer my Communications. Do answer my letters. Do engage with the mandate… and of course, respect and implement the standards that are already there’. 
    1. sent by UN independent experts to countries regarding allegations of human rights violations, and it exposes the fact that 42 countries have failed to reply to at least once such letter sent since the last session of the Human Rights Council.
    2. Of the many countries that have failed to react to a communication from a UN Special Procedure mandate holder, 17 are Human Rights Council Members. That’s more than a third of all Members.’ The statement listed these 17 countries – Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burundi, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, the Philippines, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia and the US
    1. we welcome your emphasis on the importance of inclusion and civil society participation in efforts to inform your work and implement your recommendations on the ground.