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  1. Jul 2015
    1. most traffic was moved to regional airport bt Greensboro, W-S, and High Point. Where Piedmont Airlines originated. someone would climb the tower to see if incoming planes were arriving to clear space. No jetways. carried your luggage to the plane. propellers would create lots of dust.

    1. Reynolds High School, front entrance on the right. Adjacent to the Reynolds Auditorium, donated by Kate Reynolds, a 2000 seat auditorium. Renovated in the 1940s with air conditioning, which functioned by large blocks of ice and fans blowing cold air.

    1. vacant lot adjacent to Colonial Inn owned by JRV's grandmother, but no one ever bought it bc it was too expensive. had trees, benches, etc.

    1. speculating that this is the Zizendorf Hotel, downtown. flagging down the trolley by waving for it to slow down, and jumping on. streetcar went down Main Street, towards Salem College. People would carry live chickens (big fat hens) for Sunday dinner but put its head in a paper bag to keep it from squawking. conductors wore change belts. Across the street from original Wachovia Ban, corner of West 3rd and North Main Streets in the West End. some street cars had two decks.

    1. Avalon Cotton Mill - planned company town between Salem NC and Roanoke VA that ended in a massive fire. Would be around Stoneville NC website devoted to this topic http://www.chriscrowder.com/avalon/index.php