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  1. May 2018
    1. I Now Beowulf bode in the burg of the Scyldings, leader belovéd, and long he ruled 55 in fame with all folk, since his father had gone away from the world, till awoke an heir, haughty Healfdene, who held through life, sage and sturdy, the Scyldings glad.[1] Then, one after one, there woke to him, 60 to the chieftain of clansmen, children four: Heorogar, then Hrothgar, then Halga brave; and I heard that —— was ——’s queen,[2] the Heathoscylfing’s helpmate dear. To Hrothgar[3] was given such glory of war,

      At the very beginning of this Epic they are already trying to not show importance to the women, instead showing how string and how much glory the men had. Ann Marie Taylor