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  1. May 2018
    1. Anu

      highest god, creator of all gods and beings

    2. like a god thou art.

      Enkidu is a superlative being, notion of gods as being human-like and vice versa

    3. hierodule 4 5[   ] forgot where he was born. 6Six days and seven nights 7came forth Enkidu 8and cohabited with the courtesan. 9The hierodule opened her mouth

      hierodule - being a priestess, her having sex with Enkidu is not seen as a shameful thing. opposite of most religions that demand chastity for their priestesses

    4. she that knows all things

      Goddess being omniscient in Assyrian religion

    1. But well for him that after death-day may draw to his Lord, and friendship find in the Father’s arms!

      notion of the Christian afterlife, purifying of soul

    2. e’er could the prince[8] approach his throne, —’twas judgment of God,—or have joy in his hall.

      judgement of God - declaring the throne and hall of Heorot holy, cannot be usurped by enemies of God

    1. Of Cain awoke all that woful breed, Etins[12] and elves and evil-spirits, as well as the giants that warred with God weary while: but their wage was paid them!

      mixture of Christianity (Cain and Abel) and Paganism (elves, giants, etc)

    1. He let me such treasures 45 Gain for my people ere death overtook me.

      all of Beowulf's victories due to God in Beowulf's eyes. even his death is not a sad event to him as he sees it as God's will

    2. At the wall ’twill befall us as Fate decreeth, Let Fate decide between us. 65 Each one’s Creator.

      even in a boast, Beowulf equates the result of his actions as being the will of God. almost negates the concept of personal responsibility

    3. Devil-shaped woman, her woe ever minded, 10 Who was held to inhabit the horrible waters, [Grendel’s progenitor, Cain, is again referred to.] The cold-flowing currents, after Cain had become a Slayer-with-edges to his one only brother, The son of his sire; he set out then banished, Marked as a murderer, man-joys avoiding, 15 Lived in the desert. Thence demons unnumbered

      again, origin being of Cain - evil begetting evil

    4. Fate offcarried him

      one of the few times where fate is mentioned without being linked to God's will

    5. To God he was hostile

      repeated again, continuously reaffirming the evil of Grendel by siding him against God

    6. By the might of himself; the truth is established

      "truth is established" - God is the declarer of what is and isn't true. reality itself is bent to God's will. Whoever is on the side of God is on the side of truth, therefore Beowulf = the truth

    7. They invoke the aid of their gods. 60 At the shrines of their idols often they promised Gifts and offerings, earnestly prayed they The devil from hell would help them to lighten Their people’s oppression. Such practice they used then, Hope of the heathen; hell they remembered 65 In innermost spirit, God they knew not,

      idols = paganism. first mention of the devil. "God they knew not" declaring them to be heathens.

    8. Judge of their actions, All-wielding Ruler, No praise could they give the Guardian of Heaven, The Wielder of Glory. Woe will be his who Through furious hatred his spirit shall drive to 70 The clutch of the fire, no comfort shall look for, Wax no wiser; well for the man who, Living his life-days, his Lord may face And find defence in his Father’s embrace!

      insinuation that they deserve punishment because of their paganism

    9. In the land of the giants, when the Lord and Creator Had banned him and branded. For that bitter murder, 55 The killing of Abel, all-ruling Father Cain is referred to as a progenitor of Grendel, and of monsters in general. The kindred of Cain crushed with His vengeance

      Cain, direct reference to Bible. awkward insertion of Christian narrative/origin. Evil begotten from one of the first sins. No mention of the devil, evil as something unfavorable to God

    10. Whom God-Father sent to solace the people.

      God-Father: God as creator, maybe taking place of Odin as father/creator of all beings.

      "sent to solace the people" - god-sent, chosen, given divine status