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  1. Nov 2017
    1. one story after another

      Interesting that the students are reading all of these stories together, and quickly.

    2. video clips are only about 15 to 20 min-utes

      I like this doing things together. I think there should be a lot of reading together even when the texts and videos are on NowComment.

    3. In the White Man’s Image

      So what kind of teaching do we do around a 56 minute documentary? We can't just show it, can we?

    4. who is forced or encouraged to change their language, who doesn’t have to change, and who forces the change.

      I wonder how we can do this in the playlists too.

    5. After the tea party, we dive into the readings and mov-ies. I want to saturate students in the stories—memoirs and fiction—about language.

      I wonder where the idea of doing a history mini-unit came from. I think it's confusing. It takes the eye off language.

    6. language engages students because language is so closely tied to culture and home

      How do we keep this alive and connected for the youth doing these playlists?

    7. Because of time, my classes didn’t study each language situation in depth; instead, we looked for patterns across the stories.

      This issue of depth and looking for patterns is an especially difficult one for ELLs. I wonder how we will address it in our playlist.

    8. They write narratives, poetry, and a culminating essay about language. For their final “exam,” they create a “take-it-to-the-people” project that teaches their chosen audience an aspect of our language study that they think people need to know in order to understand contempo-rary language issues

      I love this a an outline for what to create for posts on Youth Voices:

      • narratives
      • poetry
      • a culminating essay about language
      • a "take-it-to the people" project, teaching others
    9. Depending on how many pieces of the unit I include, this curriculum takes between five and 10 weeks.

      I wonder how long Louise plans to do this unit and how long we can expect youth to work through playlists based on this curriculum