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  1. Nov 2015
    1. Here are the trigonometry hand-outs. Last year's physics notes. Best I could do. Thanks a lot, fellas. You're saving my life.

      Here Billy's friends are giving him notes from previous years to help him win the decathlon. Here we can see that Billy is taking high school seriously. Although Billy wants to min he wants to prove that he can learn and be just as smart. His moral development has drastically changed here because he now actually want to know the material. It looked like before he just wanted to pass the grade levels without actually doing all the word. He now knows in order to improve and get better he hast to change the way he thinks. He chooses a different path.

    2. I got an idea for you. Instead of being an idiot every day,... ..why don't you go back to school, graduate and get the company? Cos I don't want it any more. What do you mean, you don't want it? I got somethin' comin' outta my nose? I can't believe I liked someone who could roll over and die. I ain't rollin' over and dyin'. I was set up. And, worst of all, nobody believes me. I believe you, Billy. And I believe in you.

      Here Ms. Vaughn visits Billy at his house and tells him to go back to school and claim his company. Billy doesn't want o but Ms. Vaughn convinces him to go back. Here Billy has a since of stability and the meaning of error because Ms. Vaughn will be there to help him. Even though some people do not believe in him anymore she does. But was is right or professional of Ms. Vaughn to show up at Billy's house unannounced? Is is right to have a relationship with him?