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  1. Sep 2013
    1. Isocrates regards himself as one of the sophists, but sets himself apart from the "common herd."

      Where there different types of sophists? Kind of like how there are varying types of republicans or christians. I don't know, as I am not Mr. Philosophy, so I am curious.

    1. Clearly not

      Alright, this is a total slippery slope here, but is Gorgias proclaiming an inability to be unjust now or ever? Quite the bold statement. Not knowing anything about Gorgias, did he have anything to say about objectivity within the personal narrative (sorry that sounds like an egg-head phrase, it's the best I can think of) or did he believe in absolutism? If so, he could be best friends with Ayn Rand.

    2. Yes, Socrates, and a good one too, if you would call me that which, in Homeric language, 'I boast myself to be.'

      It's interesting how if this were a friend on Facebook, you'd probably be aggravated by such bravado. Confidence and arrogance is a fine line, but with the power of Hindsight we can see it's justified. I wonder if it was used to boost his status or as a sign of confidence for more students?