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  1. May 2019
    1. added and the sample vortexed thoroughly. The sample was then centrifuged for 10 minutes at 1000 x g. The supernate was carefully decanted, the rims of the tube wiped to absorb all residual supernate, and the precipitate counted on a gamma counter set for the detection of 125I. A standard curve was plotted with each assay by using different concentrations of purified hCG, starting from 0 miU 1 ml. The percent binding of the sample was estimated as a fraction of the zero standard and the hCG activity of the sample calculated from the standard curve of the known concentrations. The other RIA procedure used has been described previously by Salahuddin et al., ( 1976 ) . This procedure employed a monoclonal antibody shown to be specific to phcG (Gupta et al., 1982 ). The use of this antibody made this assay much more sensitive compared to the commercial assay described above.
    2. J3hCG was estimated using either a commercial RIA kit ( Micromedic ~hCG RIA kit, ICN Biomedicals, Inc., USA ) or by the procedure developed at Nil, the basic principle of estimation being the same in both assays, i.e., competitive inhibition. The Micromedic kit was used as detailed by the manufacturer. Briefly, 200 ul of the sample was incubated with 100 ul of the given antiserum solution for 30 minutes at room temperature. 100 ul of the tracer 125r hCG solution was then added and incubation continued for another 3 0 minutes. Subsequently, 1. 0 ml of the precipitating solution containing anti -rabbit serum with PEG was
    1. ultrapureHNO3andtissuesamplesweredissolvedin70%HNO3;microwavedfor5minat90W,180W,270Wand360W,untiltotaldigestionhadoccurredandthendilutedwithMilli-Qgradewater(Millipore,Acton,Massachusetts,U.S.A)
    2. Totalsodium,potassiumandcalciumconcentrationsweredeterminedwithatomicabsorptionspectrophotometry.Tothispurpose,plasmasamplesweredilutedwith1%
    3. Plasmaosmolalitywasmeasuredin10pisampleswithavaporpressure osmometer(Wescor,5500,Utah,U.S.A)andexpressedasmmol/kg
    4. Forclinicalanalysis,thecontrolandexperimentalfishesweregentlyandrapidly anaesthetizedusingMS222(ethyl-m-aminobenzoatemethanesulphonate)atthedoseof60mgl'1.Thefisheswereimmobilizedwithin1minofapplication.Bloodwascollected fromthecaudalarteryusing1mlsyringefilledwith24Gneedleandinsomefishesbycaudalpedunclecut.Heparinwasusedastheanticoagulant.Immediatelyaftercollection,bloodwascentrifugedfor5minat3000rpmandtheplasmawasseparatedoutandeither usedforanalysisimmediatelyorstoredat20°Cforanalysislater.Samplingprocedureofnetting,anesthesiaandplasmastoringwascompletedwithin10mintoavoidinfluenceofnettingcombinedwithanesthesiaonthebasalcortisollevels(Tancketal.,2000).