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  1. Feb 2016
    1. t is important to note, however, that students need op portunities to develop necessary conversational skills; otherwise, by the time they get to the middle grades and are expected to converse in a student-led litera ture discussion they will not have the discursive com petence to be successful with this type of activity.

      As educators, it is important to consider factors outside of what is taught and expected within the classroom. In regard to this reading, the students' home-lives and their social tensions descending from their home-lives permeated their learning environment. Therefore, it would be unfair of the teacher to expect that to effectively practice literature discussion skills when this is an area that which the students struggle within due to external factors. Educators should ensure opportunities for development in such areas, guided by the teacher in a positive and productive manner that will best suit the learning needs of the students.