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  1. Aug 2018
    1. This campaign helps people experience what multimodal mobility is like when you don't have your own car. It is aimed at car owners who actually only need their car sporadically. During a four-week trial period, testers were able to try out a wide range of sponsored mobility solutions, all with the goal of making the transition to multimodal mobility easier. Focus Areas The project builds on the initial results of the New Mobility Berlin project which discovered that car owners will only switch to multimodal transportation and give up their own cars if they can first give it a trial run. In order to facilitate the switch, they need to experience the existing multimodal mobility offerings in Berlin. These offerings also need to be expanded locally as mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) adapted to the needs of users.  A sponsored mobility package of Berlin public transport and the city's car sharing companies made it possible for car owners to try out living without a private car. The test also provided important information about user requirements for MaaS.

      Your summer fleet: experience multimodal transport without your own car